Nacl the taste we call salt, sodium chloride, Halite is a mineral form of SC,also known as rock salt.
My passion for salt has been a 6 and a half year journey, firstly needing to coming up with a topic for demonstration for a food show, this has now become a passionate obsession to acquire as many salts that are available, I am trying to research as much info as available on the subject.
I hope to be and seem to be the first in pairing food with different salts, dishes which have been designed for a specific flavour and taste, not only to fit a flavour profile but also to pair a wine, this is a challenge because as we know, salt dominates food, which in turn makes wine textures richer, and sometimes smoother or flat and structure-less.


My salt dinner concept is as follows:

The diners that I host take the format of a historic and informative experience, I do 5 to 6 dinners a year at our restaurant or at various wine farms.
We serve canapés based on cooking with salt served with an arrival drink, followed by a tasting in a wood panel of 6 salts, history and information on the subject.
Before each dish comes out on the 5 course menu – I do an introduction on the dish the technique used based on recipes of over 2000 years old.
I pair the dishes with wines for a specific farm that work well with the dishes.
I have currently started importing salts and retailing them, I have also trade market my concept to safe guard my experience in the name of Le Paulidier.
I am working with a spa to use as a treatment in the better well being of our bodies. We are putting in the first of its kind in South Africa and the world a salt and wine pairing at Morgenster wine and olive estate. I am currently importing 14 salts from all over the world.